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When a motorcyclist is hit by a car or truck, even if the rider and passenger are wearing helmets and protective clothing, they usually suffer serious head, brain, or spinal cord injuries. If you or a loved one was injured in a motorcycle accident, you need the experience and knowledge of skilled personal injury attorneys on your side. Contact a motorcycle accident lawyer at Joseph Motta Attorney at Law, PLC in Contra Costa County. Call or use the form to set up a free, no-obligation consultation:

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Motorcycle Accident Injuries.

Joe Motta is a former Contra Costa County prosecutor, effective negotiation lawyer, and skilled trial attorney. Talk to him before you talk to an insurance adjuster or anyone else about your motorcycle injury or crash. He provides skilled representation and has the experience to help you obtain the compensation you need.

  • Did the driver of the other car claim that he or she “didn’t see you” until it was too late? Was the other driver speeding, following too closely, or driving inattentively? We thoroughly investigate each motorcycle accident injury claim and look for driver negligence and clear proof of liability.
  • We have a team of private investigators that assist us with these cases, who review reports, collect statements from people involved in the accident, and obtain eyewitness accounts of the accident to establish who was at fault.
  • Joe Motta draws on a strong background in healthcare, biology, and chemistry to help in motorcycle accident cases. He will review your medical records to help prove your claim and help the insurance company understand the full extent of your motorcycle injury and your future medical needs.
  • As a former Contra Costa County prosecutor, we has built an excellent reputation in the San Francisco Bay Area community for successfully recovering the compensation his clients need through negotiated settlements and judgments at trial.
  • Motorcycle accidents involve an extraordinary amount of detail, as well as very serious injuries such as spinal cord injuries and head and brain injuries. Joe Motta has the knowledge, dedication, and attention to detail that is needed to completely handle and successfully resolve your motorcycle injury claim.

Joe Motta is well-known and respected throughout the legal community and among his clients. He serves clients throughout California and his experience and expertise are available to you.

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    Joe Motta litigates product liability case involving human experimentation on the elderly.

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    Client Testimonials

    We settled my case on the first day of trial. The insurance company had made horrible offers up and until that point, and they fought Joe every step of the way. Joe was never deterred and was obviously in control of the case and the court proceedings. It was easy to see that he is well liked by the judges, court staff and other attorneys in the courthouse. Joe was attentive to me, he truly cared about me and my case and he made the experience painless and comfortable for me. My outcome was very good, and I am set for life. I highly recommend Joe.



    I tried to handle my claim with the insurance company for some time. I gave them all the information they wanted and in the end the made a very low, insulting offer. I was referred to Joe by a good friend who is a retired police officer, who told me Joe was a former prosecutor and a very good trial attorney. When we met, I liked him immediately. He isn’t the typical egotistical, flashy lawyer, he is modest and seemed to genuinely care about me and my case. In the end, the case resolved at several times the original offer given to me. The other thing that impressed me about Joe is that he has never collected more in attorney’s fees than his clients, which I know other attorneys cannot promise their clients.



    The jury gave me over two million dollars in a trucking accident that injured my neck and back. Joe is a very polished and effective trial attorney. His closing argument was incredible and the judge seemed to like it also. The jury loved him and the verdict reflected that.



    Experienced, Aggressive, Knowledgeable Representation

    Attorney Joseph Motta

    A proven track record, well respected in and out of the courthouse, and the right attorney with all the tools needed to steer a victim and their family through the tough times that come after there has been a traumatic and life-altering injury or death. 

    My former clients will tell you that I sincerely treat every client as if they were my own family, which means my loyalty and my compassion for my clients cannot be equaled.  Combine that with decades of hard-fought trials, starting with crime victims, and now with injury victims, there is no firm, attorney, opponent or insurance company that I am afraid of or intimidates me. 

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