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Construction sites can be especially dangerous when subcontractors fail to use proper safety precautions. In refineries, chemical plants, steel plants, pipeline installations, tall buildings, and other construction sites, accidents can cause serious injuries and wrongful death.

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Falls. Explosions. Faulty Equipment.

Joe Motta handles cases in which OSHA violations, a lack of safety procedures, and a practice of taking shortcuts cause injury and death to workers:

  • High Pressure Releases
  • High Temperature Exposure/Burns
  • Chemical Spills or Explosions
  • Falls from Tall Buildings or Construction Towers
  • Dropped Construction Materials
  • Defective Scaffolding
  • Delivery Truck and Fuel Truck Accidents
  • Dangerous Temporary Wiring

If you have been injured on a construction site because of lax safety standards, contact a construction accident lawyer at Joseph Motta Attorney at Law, PLC. Joe Motta has the experience it takes to thoroughly investigate the accident’s causes, determine probable liability, and make a personal injury claim on your behalf. If necessary, he has the skill and determination to take the case to trial.

Joe Motta is well known and respected throughout the legal community and among his clients. He serves clients throughout California and his experience and expertise are available to you.

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