A strong reputation is critical to an effective law firm; it is hard to attain and easy to lose.  Joe Motta has built a reputation of excellence, effectiveness and for going the “extra mile” to see that his clients get the personal attention they deserve and that they are fairly compensated for their injury or loss.  Our staff is very experienced, we employ cutting edge experts who are leaders in their field, we have the resources necessary to do whatever is necessary to get the job done right, and we care for each client as if they are a part of our own family.

In today’s legal climate, we find ourselves embroiled in litigation against the insurance industry and larger companies that are self-insured.   These companies don’t pull out their checkbooks and hand out money with apologies.  Sadly, serious injury and wrongful death cases end up in Court and their legal teams are typically well prepared, resourceful, and aggressive.  Combine that with Courts that are over budget and understaffed.  This makes for a hostile and contentious atmosphere.  This is why someone suffering a serious injury needs a team that knows its way around a courtroom, has the resources to go to battle, and can help them through the tough times ahead.  Joe Motta has all the tools necessary to get the job done. He is not intimidated by their take no prisoners tactics and has had great success.

Catastrophic Injury Cases.

Joe Motta cut his teeth on car and truck accident cases and over the years we have helped clients who have suffered every conceivable injury including burns, amputations, multiple bone fractures and almost 100 wrongful deaths.  As a former prosecutor, he is well equipped to help victims and their families through an intimidating and scary process.  When someone is injured in an accident or by the negligence or malice of another, there are choices.  First, most cases involve some form of insurance where the insurance company will defend the person or company that caused the injury.  An injured person can negotiate with the insurance company and hope they will provide a fair settlement, which we have found rarely if ever happens, or call an injury attorney and take legal action. Before someone choses to represent themselves in a serious, catastrophic injury case, beware!  Insurance companies are not in the business of serving the interests or writing large checks to someone who was injured; they serve their own best interests and are dedicated to increasing their profits.  Don’t believe the commercials; they are not like a good neighbor.  Joe Motta knows that there is a strong likelihood that he will need to file a lawsuit.  He knows that the insurance companies won’t make a reasonable offer until before trial.  He also knows how to help clients steer through the labyrinth of health insurance, medical care, as well as the legal system.  In the end, after a case is resolved, he negotiates aggressively with lien holders so his clients get the maximum recovery.